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Any vehicle, any combination, 30 years of leadership.

SI LODEC started over nearly 30 years ago and since our inception we have remained at the forefront of innovative electronic weigh technology. This makes us the country's premier on-board and in motion electronic weigh specialists... over the last 5 years we have built a strong Industrial Weighing Team specialising in Weighbridges and Weigh-in-Motion.

Since day one we have been dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing product to meet our customers' requirements. We offer unsurpassed knowledge, support and experience.

Our commitment to you and meeting your needs. Many companies claim to offer complete solutions, but not only are we able to provide a solution regardless of vehicle combination or application, we offer you unparalleled before and after sales support and service

About us

Si Lodec weighbridge
Facility weighbridge

Working with Facilities

We work with Facilities and Designers to formulate the right weighbridge solution for the installation.



Working with Councils

We work closely with councils across New Zealand to ensure their facilities are compliant with legislation.