SI Lodec is proud to offer the finest quality Weighbridge solution with standard sizes ranging from 4 meters through to 30 meters with a maximum standard capacity of 80 tonnes... however we can go much higher than that with custom solutions to fit your needs.

The platforms superior design and construction is comprised of various removable panels and utilises advanced welding techniques which guarantees both a high level of strength and wear resistance with a perfect fit between panels. 

The fully customised electronic components and load cells are backed 100% by SI Lodec's unrivalled reputation as the countries leading supplier of Industrial Weigh system components, and because we can tailor a solution specifically for your needs this means you are not paying for features that you don't require - of course in the future additional functions and features can easily be added on.

The weigh bridges can be mounted either directly onto an existing hard surface or pit mounted, it really is your decision.

All the weighbridges come with fully hermetically sealed (IP68) stainless steel load cells and offer one of the lowest profiles on the market today, and with electronics backed locally here in New Zealand with support available 24/7

SI Lodec, New Zealand's number 1 supplier of electronic weigh systems is able to offer a wide array of options specifically tailored to your site requirements, from a basic display simply offering weight only through to a fully automated unmanned scenario complete with RFID, numberplate recognition and barrier arms and able to link directly into your invoicing system to streamline your accounts process.... we can even design a system for specific needs."


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