Any Vehicle... Any Combination

Thats our commitment to you. Not only are we able to provide a solution regardless of vehicle combination or application Si-Lodec offers you unparalleled before and after sales support and service

SILODEC started nearly 30 years ago in New Zealand and since its inception has remained at the forefront of innovative electronic weigh technology. This makes us the country's premier Transport and Industrial Weighing specialists.

Our Company - Unsurpassed knowledge and support

Since day one we have been dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing product to meet our customers' requirements. We bring you New Zealand's best systems, accompanied by unsurpassed knowledge and support.

A large part of the reason for SI Lodec’s success in Weighbridges is the Team - with over 80 years of Weighbridge experience:

Alan Parsons is our Weighbridge Team Leader. He installed his first Weighbridge in 2002, installing over 100 heavy industrial scales by the time he left that position in 2015. He then entered the world of testing a certifying heavy industrial weighing equipment. In 2019 he came on-board at SI Lodec where he has installed over 30 weighbridges and built this experienced team.

Brett Parsons has over 30 years of experience with Weighbridges. During his time, he progressed from a service technician, to General Manager and Technical Director. He has been involved in the installation of over 100 weighbridges, many of those with PC software solutions for Quarries, Transfer Stations and the Logging Industry.

Brad Valentine has been in the Weigh Scale Industry for 21 years, in this time he has installed around 30 weighbridges throughout New Zealand. He has organized and undertaken routine maintenance, repairs and upgrades on many more weighbridges throughout the North Island.

Research & Development

As innovators in the marketplace we have consistently invested in developing new and effective solutions for our customers.

To the best of our knowledge SI Lodec are the only New Zealand Electronic Weigh Systems company to employ a full-time R&D Technician. Already responsible for our revolutionary Wifi and Bluetooth Remote Indicator and industry-leading Weighbridge solutions... we truly have the capacity and ability to create the right solution for you!

If you want you can have it all. With SI LODEC you're not limited to just a single option!